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Senorita Sassy Pants
lilmisssarcasm asked : We're most certainly a force to be reckoned with. That's one of the many things I love about us. That and we're charming enough to get away with just about anything. ;)

There’s no telling what one can accomplish with a good amount of charm. ;)

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lilmisssarcasm asked : How is it that we have such an incredible volume of brilliant ideas?

Just lucky, I guess! ;)

We are a duo that cannot be denied, mi amiga!

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Introductory “Hola” from the Senorita.

Allow me to say, this blog will be, first and foremost, for fun.

Small pieces of advice, answers to questions, little guides to life, sass galore? Hopefully you’ll find that here. And a bit of entertainment, too.

So, take it with a rim of salt on your Margarita, and enjoy!


Senorita Sassy Pants

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